Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Fish Poop Song

Hydroponics Demonstration System at the House of Hope

Who would write a song about fish poop (excrement)?  Callie Dean would as part of our service with Mario Morales and the House of Hope in his demonstration training for Hydroponics.  Morales is introducing a number of technologies for sustainable development in Bolivia.  Part of effective teaching is utilizing creative approaches to learning.  Singing about the process is one such way based on Mulitple Intelligences by Gardner, and more importantly used by many cultures as part of indigenous knowledge systems and guided construction of meaning through song.  View the video of the song's premiere at the training (August 6 at the House of Hope in Cochabamba, Bolivia) and read the English and Spanish texts below.  Can you remember the process of hydroponics (growing food with water and fish).

Callie Dean, composer (left) and Liezbeth Salvatirra, translator (right) practice violin in Cochabamba

The Hydroponics Song
English words by Callie Dean
Spanish adaptation by Liezbeth Salvatirra
For House of Hope hydroponics project
August 2013
Cochabamba, Bolivia

There are some fish (There are some fish)
That eat and poop (That eat and poop)
Inside a tank (Inside a tank)
Like most fish do (Like most fish do)
                            D                             G
There are some fish that eat and poop
                A                              D
Inside a tank, like most fish do 

And all their poop
Is never dumped
Instead it goes
Up through a pump (2x)

Because this poop
Has nutrients
Like nitrates and
Potassium (2x)

Among the rocks
The nutrients flow
They feed the plants
And help them grow (2x)

The plants have made
The water clean
It flows back down
So the fish can breathe (2x)

The fish and plants
Give fruit and meat
And vegetables

So we can eat! (2x)

La Cancion Hidroponica
Unos peces (Unos peces)
Hacen popo (Hacen popo)                                    
En un tanque (En un tanque)
Como todos (Como todos)
            D                G
Unos peces     Hacen popo
            A                D
En un tanque  Como todos

Y el popo
No se botara
Por la bomba
Se subira (2x)

Porque el popo
Es muy bueno
Tiene nitratos
Y phosphoro (2x)

Entre rocas
Los nutrientes
Alimentan plantas
Y crecen Fuertes (2x)

El agua esta
Muy limpia
Regressa al pez
Para respirar (2x)

El pez alimenta
La fruta tambien
Las verduras
Ahora a comer (2x)

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